Twin Towers Homeowners Association
Cocoa Beach, Florida

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2020 N. Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
                                             Phone# (321) 783-2435                                                
Fax# (321) 783-2040

Welcome back to all of our returning snowbirds!  In addition to the weekly Sewing Club
and Men's Club meetings,  activities such as Card Night and Shuffleboard have
begun!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

It's been a productive 2017 with the Association accomplishing the first phase of stack
concrete restoration and recovering from Hurricane Irma!  

This fall, the Association added a temporary, part-time painter to "freshen-up" some of
our common areas.  To date Craig has painted the following:

  • both lobbies
  • all exterior concrete benches, tables, planters
  • stairwell doors, west stairwell floors, and west stairwell walls
  • chair rail and bottom half of both 1st floors
  • peeling balcony dividers

Craig has made an excellent addition to the team!  
We thank him for his tremendous effort.


SECURITY:  Security is every ones responsibility. Please do not let anyone in
the building or out to the beach who does not have a key.   There have been
several reports from owners that people are just sitting on the benches in the
lobby and waiting for people to come in or out the doors to gain excess.  When
going through the court yard gates please be sure that they closed behind you.
Thank You!
Please contact the property manager with feedback or suggestions for the site.