Twin Towers Homeowners Association
Cocoa Beach, Florida

Twin Towers was built in the 1960's for workers in the space program. It was one
of the first complexes on the beach with 8 acres of beach front property, located
just south of Sidney Fischer park on North Atlantic Avenue (A1A).  Twin Towers
consists of two nearly identical structures, with a courtyard between them.  Each
structure is 6 stories tall, with 16 condo units per floor, consisting of 2 oceanfront
(897 sq ft), 6 two bedroom (810 sq. ft), and 8 one bedroom (670 sq. ft.) units.

Access to the condo units is via interior hallways, running the entire length of the
building.  Three stairwells are located at each end and the center of the buildings.  
Each floor has its own lobby where the two elevators per building are located.  On
each floor, a laundry room is situated across the hall from the lobby, except no
laundry rooms are on the first floors.  

The common areas include a pool at the east end, between the courtyard and the
beach.  Men's and Women's shower rooms are next to the pool, along with the
community room (Atlantic room).  Access to the beach is via a walkway east of the
pool.  There are shuffleboard courts and a picnic area next to the courtyard.  

Each unit is assigned a parking spot in the covered lot west of the buildings.  A
visitors parking area and dog walk area are in the center of the parking area,
along with a car wash, bike room, and hobby workshop.    Access to the buildings
and facilities is controlled through master keys.  The Home Owners Association
office is in the center of the North building on the first floor.