Abandoned Bicycle

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Does anyone know who owns the abandoned bicycle that has been chained to the bike rack by the Doubletree gate near beside the North building. The bicycle has been there since May (that I am aware of, maybe longer) and is rusted with a broken chain and not usable. If nobody claims the bike would it be possible to remove it from the bike rack as it would create one more space for current cyclists.


Share our parking spot

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Is anyone interested in sharing their covered parking spots? We sometimes travel to Twin Towers in two cars and one of them gets left out in the sun uncovered while there are tons of unoccupied spaces. If you are interested, please respond to this post. We would gladly return the favor of allowing you to park in our space when we are not parking on the property.


Meeting on March 20, 2013

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We are new owners at the Twin Towers and would like to kept in the loop. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the meeting on March 20th. Can someone kindly provide us with a brief review from this meeting? We greatly appreciate any information. Robert and Cecilia our home email is Kleinburg647@gmail.com


Bicycle storage

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I am interested in sub-letting 2 spots in the bike storage building. If anyone is interested please let me know.
Barb Richer


Sprinkler System Function

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Question about sprinklers: what will happen if they put in a Sprinkler System, and each Condo has

a Sprinkler inside its Condo. When the Alarm goes off does each Sprinkler inside the units go off?

Answer from Bob: The sprinkler only comes on in the affected unit only. If it spreads to the common

hall then that particular sprinkler head is affected. The whole system does not come on when a unit a or a specific area is affected.


Sunset Grill

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Went to the Sunsetrill on the Cocoa Beach end of the 520 causeway. Nice view of the river on the patio with good food and live entertainment in the evening.


TT Internet Access

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Brighthouse is the easiest way to get Internet access. Relatively inexpensive.


Internet access at Twin Towers

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We are new to Twin Towers and wanted to ask if anyone can help us find cheap Internet access for our unit. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Kevin and Laura Woodward 502S


Balcony cleaning

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Could we designate one day a month where we could hose down our balconys.


Some of us are trying to deter the crows from visiting our balconies. Does anyone have a solution that works. Thank you

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