Twin Towers Homeowners Association
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Events at Twin Towers:

As a reminder to all owners, any work performed in your
unit which requires a permit must be submitted to the
office for approval PRIOR to work beginning.  This
includes, but is not limited to electrical work, window
replacement, full kitchen/bath replacement, etc.  A copy
of the permit is to be provided to the office before work

Newly Finished Projects:

We're so pleased to announce the completion of our first four stacks of Balcony
Restoration!  The balconies and rails have been restored on stacks 1, 3, 5 & 7 of the
North Building.  Once the concrete was completed, each balcony was sealed to reduce
future damage.  The project started in May and wrapped up in the final weeks of
It was a loud and busy summer!  The total project came in under budget
by approximately $34,000.  
Parking Sealing Completed
October, 2015
Beach Walkway Extended,
August, 2015
Pool Pavers & New Fence Installed September, 2015

A very big THANK YOU to Dean Lanter! The
Association purchased the materials to
complete the cement boarder for the entrance
walkway. Dean donated his time and talent to
finish the project...which turned out great!  
Looks beautiful and really enhances our
walkway.  Thanks again!
Thanks to all of our volunteers for their hard
work on our walkway.  We've added many
new plants, flowers and landscape rock with
beautiful results!  Your hard work is much
appreciated by all!
June 2016 -- New landscaping
installed in entrance North of
Twin Towers sign!
A huge THANK YOU to Dean Lanter, Unit 515S, for painting the parking
structures.  Dean continually donates his time and energy to keep Twin Towers
a beautiful place to live and visit.  We cannot thank him enough!
Hurricane Irma Update -- 2/20/2018

All damage from the hurricanes has
been restored with the exception of the
dumpster fence and new generator

e anticipate the new generator to be
installed in March/April and the gate
material is on back order.

We appreciate everyone's patience as
we've restored our landscaping,
lighting, etc.  

It took some time, but I think the
community is looking beautiful!