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Covid Closure Notice 4-1-2020

Twin Towers COVID-19 Virus Notice 3/24/2020

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SECURITY:  Security is every
ones responsibility. Please
do not let anyone in the
building or out to the beach
who does not have a key.   
There have been several
reports from owners that
people are just sitting on the
benches in the lobby and
waiting for people to come
in or out the doors to gain
excess.  When going
through the court yard gates
please be sure that they
closed behind you.
Thank You!

Periodically throughout the month, management provides the Board with project status
updates, maintenance issues being worked on, and other happenings in the office and
around the property.  We have created this "Manager's Update" section so that homeowners
on-site and around the country can keep up-to-date on Twin Towers happenings between


  •    quarterly employer tax return & state UT6 completed & mailed
  •    Pool lights -- attempted to be installed on Monday...need new electric run
  •    contacted Beach Electric for proposal on new electric feeds for pool lights
  •    Surveyed concrete balconies of "09" stack of south building for mark-out of damage
  •    met with wood installer to request proposal for shiplap of elevator lobby walls in first floor of each
  •    met with Brian Petro for proposal to replace 2nd floor laundry drain line
  •    contacted alternate CPA firm to discuss proposal for audit/tax return
  •    contacted American Pump -- variable frequency drive in -- will install next week
  •    Our landscape pump claim has been processed -- we will be receiving a check for $3,736.88 to
    apply toward replacement costs
  •    contacted Dry Tech for moisture remediation of 411S -- will be here Monday to assess
  •    Petro Plumbing was on-site to camera the 2nd floor laundry room issue.  Rather than the vertical
    pipe being the problem as originally thought, the problem appears to be a pipe under the 1st floor
    leading to the main drain.  They have cleared the line, but recommend changing the pipe.  If the line
    holds, would like to wait until summer as we will be tearing the floor out of the 1st floor in the cart
    storage to the main in the middle of the hallway.
  •    landscape lights installed -- Clair is making a few repairs to landscape lines affected by the work
  •    616S ceiling water intrusion has been caulked; need to repair ceiling concrete
  •    landscape pump repair complete; insurance check received and applied to maintenance cost
  •    Concrete work...started on 09 stack; coordinated installation of 611S slider, followed-up
    regarding stucco work needed; advised 409 & 309 of barrier walls required
  •    newsletter -- complete and mailed
  •    contacted Vicking Fence to request proposal on exterior fence repairs $2,699
  •    contacted Beach Electric to request proposal for new lines for pool lighting, not yet received
  •    contacted Brevard Pools for lighting repair proposal $4,240
  •    Auto Home Security contacted to repair South Building lobby lock
  •    met with insurance agent to discuss renewal
  •    Board Meeting held; budget approved....draft minutes prepared; annual notice to homeowners
    ready for mailing next week
  •    met with Sunset View Windows & Doors to measure unit 202N sliders and requested proposal
    for west doors as requested


  • Notified residents that concrete restoration completion date has been extended
  • American Pump called to service pool pump
  • Petro Plumbing -- replaced clubhouse bathroom shut off valves in bathrooms...ran into an issue
    and changed out building shut-off as well
  • Statewide Laundry -- requested proposal for two new dryers -- 5th floor & 3rd floor North Bldg.
  • Updated website -- minutes, balcony schedule, manager update
  • Have contracted with William A. Jackson Co. to perform audit at approx. $2,000 savings over last
    year.  Have begun preparing docs & schedules needed to begin
  • New electric installed for pool lighting -- ran into issues with the panel and replaced all breakers as
    well; have contacted Brevard Pools to schedule installation of new lights
  • Contacted Surfside Pavers to schedule pool paver reset (following new electric & pool light work)
  • Surveyed and marked-out the "05" stack in the south building -- three units have tile to be removed
    and 205S has been notified of a barrier wall.
  • Contacted Petro to jet the north building 2nd floor laundry drain issue
  • Spoke to the building department -- our west doors are not required to be fire rated, but any window
    in an exterior door must be hurricane rated.  Will verify these parameters are included in bids for
    review at the next Board meeting.
  • Quarterly fire sprinkler inspection completed 12/12/19
  • Contacted insurance agent, to assist in the renewal of the associations employee insurance policy
    in March


  • 12/31/2019 -- sales & use tax paid
  • Prepared Quarterly & Annual Employment Tax Returns 940, 941, UTC6 and W-2's for staff
  • 5th floor dryer serviced by technician 1/2/2020
  • Nat Pro serviced hot water heater for pool
  • Golf Carts Unlimited is working on the Cart -- new batteries, misc. repairs -- cost just at $2,000
  • south courtyard gate lock serviced 1/6/2020
  • camera system -- looked at by new vendor to add pool cameras to office system & replace/repair a
    few non-working cameras
  • signed bi-annual service agreement for generator to be done Februrary/August -- includes load test
  • signed employee health insurance renewal -- received 5% reduction in premiums over last year
  • Began preparing and submitting Audit Documents as requested
  • Began printing and preparing for 2nd Notice of Annual Meeting and Election of Board of Director
  • Met with Dial Plumbing to replace rusted gas lines and rusting hot water tank in Atlantic Room
  • Survey & mark-out south building "03" stack balconies with Engineer


  • Clubhouse A/C replaced
  • Annual Elevator Inspections performed
  • Registered for a pool certification class in July -- current certification expires this year
  • scheduled gas line replacement & hot water heater for Clubhouse to be completed 3/16/2020
  • contacted door company with regarding north building, west double-door replacement
  • contacted pool vendor for new pool drain cover and anti-suction pump (as required by health dept)
  • survey "01" stack on 2/4/2020, working on unit 501 this week, 601 next week -- expect to be done by
  • generator maintenance completed 3/3/2020
  • contacted Midget Paving for new coat of directional signs in parking area
  • contacted landscapers to request mulch installation
  • Beach Electric -- reviewed ladies room Sauna -- was not able to find any issue with circuit
  • Newsletter printed and mailed
  • Quarterly Fire System inspection, extinguisher inspection & alarm inspections completed
  • Filed Annual Report with Division of Corporations & updated Financial Institutions Information
  • trash compactor in south building repaired
  • Internet contract submitted to Spectrum for transition 5/9/2020
  • 2nd floor laundry floor drain back-up last week-- main floor drain in North building snaked Monday
    3/9/2020 until we can make permanent repair
  • Laundry hot water heaters serviced 3/18/2020
  • American Pump contacted -- order spare pool pump/landscape pump part
  • Ordered new pool filter
  • WW Tree palm trimming scheduled for May 4 & 5th
  • met with Midget Paving to review directional signage/walkway paint
  • Concrete repair -- south building completed
  • Association income tax return filed
Balcony Restoration

The Association is in the
forth year of an
eight-year balcony
restoration project.

We are tentatively
scheduled to work in the
North Building, units
ending in 09, 11, 15, &
17 beginning in the Fall.

Please check with the
office to determine your
units' scheduled